A brief introduction

The Faroe Islands are an island group that is situated at the junction of the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. These islands are almost halfway between from Scotland and the Iceland. It is a constituent country of Denmark that since 1948 Faroe Islands have been treated as an independent province of the Kingdom of Denmark. In last some years the Faroe Islands were allowed to control most of their matters. But still Denmark is responsible for some parts of the country. As the country consists of the islands it naturally attracts the tourists. New Zealanders who travel north of England will love a tour of these islands so go there and enjoy yourself.

How Faroe Islands Attract New Zealanders

New Zealanders are fond of traveling and tourism. We are often attracted towards the cities and countries that are rich in heritage, beauty and culture. We really love tourism, by world standards every New Zealander spends a significant amount of his earnings on traveling across the country and around the world. Many countries fall in the list of countries that the Kiwis would love to visit. Faroe Islands should be one of those countries. As the name shows the country consists of several islands. Here are some of the reasons for which Faroe Islands are preferred by the New Zealanders to visit as compared to any other place.

Transportation in the Faroe Islands

The country is well developed and the transportation infrastructure is well established. Atlantic Airways is the largest airline company that offers its services and provides luxuries to the people of Faroe Islands and the tourists as well. Scheduled services have been offered by the Vagar Airport from the Island named Vagar. Improvement to the transportation system has been under consideration for a long time and developments have been made. But still this system is not as extensive as someone would imagine somewhere else in the world. This is due to the fact that this territory is rocky by nature and the size of the Faroe Islands is very small. Certain developments have now changed the conditions dramatically. Tunnels have been created between the mountains and the islands in order to connect 80% of the population across the islands. The three largest islands are connected to three other large islands through these tunnels along with bridges and some causeways. There are certain villages in the islands and these villages are well connected to each other through well established roads. Seven smaller islands don’t have roads. This is due to the fact that almost six of these islands are comprised of only one village.

Traditional food of Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands are also well known for the traditional foods that are available in the region. Here the food that is traditional is mainly based on meat, potatoes, seafood. Most of the dishes include fresh vegetables as well. These foods are a source of great attraction for the tourists and specially the New Zealanders. Skerpikjot is one of the most liked foods in the Faroe Island. The treat is based on quite chewy mutton that is dried by the wind. So these are some of the things that cause the New Zealanders to be attracted to visit Faroe Islands and most certainly different from the fare of England or Wales.

Interesting places

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